The Fitzgibbon Group offers comprehensive results-oriented services to our clients. Services include association management, government relations, and strategic planning. An outline of each of these core services is included below to help foster an understanding of what The Fitzgibbon Group brings to its clients.

Government Relations:

The political environment can be daunting for unfamiliar parties, especially in a term-limited environment; The Fitzgibbon Group specializes in government relations on behalf of our clients. We use a keen understanding of the legislative process to help further clients’ interests. The Fitzgibbon Group can help make the government work for you, by drawing upon many years of experience and strong, bi-partisan relationships. We also serve as an active listener on our clients’ behalf, keeping clients aware of ongoing policy change and how it will affect them.

Strategic Planning:

The Fitzgibbon Group specializes in helping clients define their organizational strategy. Our strategic planning encompasses not only the short-term goals clients have, but also, and more importantly the long-term (2-5 year) goals of the client. We will work with you to help determine how to accomplish these goals. Decisions regarding allocation of resources are also included in the strategic plan. Process of strategic planning is an integral part of all decisions made by The Fitzgibbon Group.

Association Management:

At The Fitzgibbon Group, we can help manage your association on all levels. Association management is one of the core services we offer. Creating and maintaining your company’s website, recruitment of new membership, maintaining both new and existing membership are just a few of the many services we offer to help your association reach its full potential. We will work alongside board members to help your association run more efficiently and effectively. Our government relations and strategic planning services can also be integrated with association management to better serve your interests.