Clean Energy Ballot Issue Resubmitted to AG

The backers of a proposal to require the state to issue bonds for clean energy initiatives have submitted it to the Attorney General’s Office once more after a previous submission was rejected for lack of signatures.

It is the fourth time the Ohio Clean Energy Initiative has been submitted to the attorney general. It would require the state to issue $1.3 billion in bonds each year over a 10-year-period, with funds going to support energy infrastructure related to solar, wind, biomass, battery technology and geothermal sources, among other projects. The first time it was submitted was in 2012, but backers resubmitted it last year to correct an effective date in the original language. It was resubmitted in May, but rejected by DeWine for lack of valid signatures.

The newest version was submitted with 1,784 signatures. Attorney Don McTigue also said in the letter that the group was providing copies of 280 voter registration forms of signers of that petition that had been filed with the appropriate boards of elections to prove they are eligible to sign the petition.

Attorney General Mike DeWine has until Monday, July 7 to review the petition and determine if it the summary language is a fair and truthful reflection of the amendment.
Story originally published in The Hannah Report on July 3, 2014. Copyright 2014 Hannah News Service, Inc.

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